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  • We have used the ammunition that Norma has manufactured for Weatherby for all the big game that North America has to offer from Polar and Brown bear to Sitka Blacktails.  These cartridges have performed flawlessly and the Nosler bullets did the job without fail.


     Norma Ammo and Torbjörn Lindskog, Norma's CEO, wants you to know: "Norma is my seventh company. At the beginning of my working career I changed companies and industries because I wanted to gain experience, but nowadays it's presumably that new offers are always more flattering.


    As far as Norma is concerned, I'd like to say that my colleagues and I are in the dream industry! I say this jokingly, but it is also very serious because the truth is that our product is a small but very significant part of the hunter's dream of a beautiful autumn morning in the forest when the sun is rising and the trees are shimmering in green, gold, and red. You are sitting there with a superb rifle across your knees. And of course it's loaded with Norma ammunition for the moment when the big game suddenly appears! The dream industry is the very best of industries, but it is very demanding.


    Preferably, we should be the best, and, probably, the best is what we are. Norma offers the industry's largest and most extensive range. We produce some 23 million cartridges a year at the moment, divided among 70 calibers. One fantastic range in which every cartridge gives reliability, precision, and effect.


    And the Norma trademark adds a solid image. The dream industry also has another positive characteristic – you can get out and hunt once in a while!"






    – The right choice at the moment of truth

    Successful hunting is seldom due to luck or chance. More likely, it is because skillful and experienced hunters have the ability to use their skills properly, even under difficult circumstances.

    They don’t worry about details concerning the firearms and equipment either. Those can be prepared and checked in peace and quiet before the hunt. When the opportunity arises, though, and the gun is lifted to the shoulder, it’s not just your own abilities that are put to the test.
    You can count on Norma

    You have to be able to count on the cartridge you’ve loaded and count on the bullet to do its job. Safe and effective regardless of how or what you’re hunting. We know what’s important when things get serious and we never leave anything to chance. The nature of Scandinavian hunting varies from the beech wood forests of Skåne to open cultivated lands with wild boar, red and roe deer, to pure taiga and tundra with moose, bear and game birds. The span is huge, when it comes to surroundings, weather and hunting conditions. We always consider this when we work on development so that we can create cartridges that you can always count on.”

    For a more complete description of Norma Ammo products visit their web site at http://www.norma.cc