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  • Hornady Ammo wants you to know  due to unprecedented sales, any factory direct retail ammunition and bullet orders may take 4 to 6 months to ship and they recommend using their Retail Locator to find a local or online reseller in order to purchase these products.





    "Like so many successful companies, Hornady Manufacturing was born out of one man’s vision of a better product for his own use. Joyce Hornady was an ardent shooter and needed a steady supply of good, accurate bullets. While commercially available bullets were usable, Joyce felt that better bullets could be made.

    During World War II, Joyce had taken a job in a guard training unit at the Grand Island Army Ammunition Plant. He and his family of three moved to Grand Island from Lincoln. In the first years following the war, shooters and hunters used some of the vast surplus of military ammunition for their sport shooting. This surplus ammunition however, did not offer the accuracy or performance needed for target shooting, big game or varmint hunting.

    original buildingJoyce realized the need for better bullets and he responded to it. In 1949, using his training as an engineer, he and his original partner Vernon Speer built a machine that converted spent .22 rimfire cases into bullet jackets, and then into bullets. Advertised in the “American Rifleman” Magazine, these bullets sold well all over the country. Using a surplus bullet assembly press, he also began to produce a 30 caliber bullet. From the initial production in 1949, this bullet still remains one of our most popular.

    In 1958 growth forced the company to move to its present location, in Grand Island, Nebraska which started as an 8,000 square foot plant with a 200 yard underground testing facility that allowed bullets to be tested in an environment unaffected by weather. This was a welcome addition, since Joyce had previously tested each individual lot of bullets by driving to the Grand Island Rifle Range, winter and summer, rain or shine, to shoot the bullets to ensure that they met his standards for accuracy. Also, the number of full-time employees increased to 40.

    Market diversity is another hallmark of Hornady Manufacturing Company. Our first venture into a market other than bullets was in 1964 when Joyce started Frontier Ammunition, a line of remanufactured ammunition that utilized surplus military brass. Frontier Ammunition was loaded to factory specifications using Hornady bullets. The Vietnam War forced Hornady Manufacturing to start using newly-manufactured cases. This business continued to grow and has matured into our very successful line of Hornady ammunition, comprised of Custom, Light & Heavy Magnum, Match, Varmint Express, and TAP premium law enforcement and military ammunition.

    In 1970, Steve Hornady, Joyce’s youngest son and our current president, joined the company. In 1971, Hornady acquired Pacific Tool Company and diversified into the reloading tool market and moved their operations to our facility in Grand Island, Nebraska. Pacific had just begun to market the Model 105 shotshell press when Hornady purchased the company. The addition of Pacific Tool Company and its existing products, as well new product development fueled the company’s growth.

    In its first two decades, Hornady Manufacturing Company grew from a start-up business into a multi-divisional, multi-million dollar enterprise. Over the years Joyce Hornady’s business had gained the respect of the industry, the community of Grand Island, Nebraska, and not least of all, the respect of a growing customer base throughout the world.

    In January, 1981, Joyce, along with engineer Ed Heers, and customer service manager Jim Garber were killed in a private plane crash en route to New Orleans for a major trade show. Steve Hornady became president, and his sister, Margaret Hornady-David and her husband, Don David moved to Grand Island to become vice-president and chief engineer respectively.

    At that time, the InterLock feature, the most recent product improvement, was only four years old. The company offered Spire Point, Flat Point, Round Nose, Super Explosive, Hollow Point, Boat Tail Hollow Point, as well as conventional pistol bullets, and basic muzzleloader projectiles.

    In 1983, Frontier Ammunition and Pacific reloading Tools were renamed Hornady Custom Ammunition and Hornady Reloading Tools to reflect the merger of the divisions into one corporation. Since then the line has grown to include XTP Pistol bullets as well as polymer-tipped rifle and muzzleloader bullets such as the A-MAX, V-MAX, SST and InterBond bullets and our latest innovation, LEVERevolution.

    current building

    In 2006, Jason Hornady, Steve’s son, joined the company after 15 years as a shooting sports industry representative. Jason is currently the Director of Sales and Vice President of the company. Today Hornady Manufacturing has over 200 employees, occupies over 70,000 square feet of production space and in a single day produces more bullets than the entire first year’s production. Our market includes not only the United States, but much of Canada, Europe, Australia, Iceland, New Zealand, and parts of Africa.

    We continue to be the largest independent producer of bullets in the world. We sell bullets as separate components, loaded in Hornady Ammunition, and also to other ammunition companies to be loaded in their premium grade ammo. Our employees exhibit our products at trade shows and shooting matches across the country, and our product lines are represented to dealers and distributors by over 70 independent sales representatives.

    Hornady Manufacturing has won many industry awards, to include:

    o NASGW Hunting & Shooting Sports Manufacturer of the Year, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1999
    o Steve Hornady, Industry Man of the Year 2000
    o Cabela’s Gold Buyer Choice Award 2002 & 2006
    o 2002 Guns & Ammo Notable Achievement, 17 HMR
    o 2002 Guns & Ammo Award of Merit, 450 Marlin, 480 Ruger, 405 Win
    o Steve Hornady, 2002 Theodore Roosevelt Award, Hunting and Shooting Sports Heritage Foundation
    o 2003 Golden Bullseye Award, Ammunition Product of the Year, 17 HMR, presented by NRA
    o 2004 Best of the Best, 204 Ruger ammunition
    o 2004 Sporting Classics Award of Excellence
    o Steve Hornady, 2005 Shooting Industry Award for Dedicated Service to the Firearms Industry
    o Ammunition of the Year 2004, 204 Ruger ammunition
    o Ammunition of the Year 2005, TAP For Personal Defense ammunition presented by Shooting Industry Academy
    o Ammunition Manufacturer of the Year 2005 & 2006 presented by National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers
    o 2006 Award of Excellence presented by Sporting Classics.

    Hornady Manufacturing has also given generously within the community of Grand Island, Nebraska, where we make our home. Organizations supported include the Crane Meadows Nature Center, Stuhr Museum, United Way, the Platte River Charity Shoot and the list goes on.

    Hornady is a founding member of the Hunting and Shooting Sport Heritage Fund, and Steve Hornady served as one of the first presidents of the organization. We support or serve on The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI), The National Rifle Association, National 4-H Shooting Sports Foundation, and many others. As a member of the shooting and hunting sports industry, Hornady realizes the need to give back to the sports that keep us in business and maintain our heritage.

    Combine the best customer base with the best employees, throw in the family/management team that we have running this business; it’s hard not to be successful and hit “Ten bullets through one hole”."

    For a more complete description of Hornady Ammo products visit their web site at www.hornady.com