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Ammo Pouch

Ammo Pouch

Author: Aakash Shah

What is an ammo pouch and how it works: When going into combat, or hunting, it is required for a gunman to not only take along their rifles, guns and bullets, but also additional ammunition that will be required during fights and hunts. When carrying this ammunition, ammunition that is left exposed to dust, debris and water may lead to a malfunctioning of the gun during combat. So in a bid of reducing this risk of ammunition getting spoilt, machine gun ammunition is now stored in ammunition boxes, and placed in ammo pouches for added protection.


What to look for while buying an ammo pouch: Choose a soft ammo pouch for belted machine gun ammunition which has metal or plastic tops and flexible sides and bottom of woven fabric. There are internal pockets on its sides with plastic panels for extra support. There is also an external pocket with a link injector while its bottom is held in place with a circumferential zipper. On unzipping this zipper, the bottom opens so that you can refill the ammo pouch with your ammunition. It is better to choose ammo pouches with fully adjustable straps with which you can fit all butt stocks.


There are also leather ammo pouches which are rather expensive. This is why leather ammo pouches are only made to order by those who can afford it. Leather ammo pouches usually cost about $250 a pouch. What to avoid in ammo pouches: There are different types of ammo pouches available today like the current flexible and fabric ammo pouch. This ammo pouch however is rather difficult to refill with ammunition as it has a zippered slit on its bottom that proves difficult to fit a belt through. This is why it is better to choose an improved, lighter and easier ammo pouch.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/shopping-articles/ammo-pouch-780429.html

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