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How to Choose Your Hunting Rifle

African Hunting Safari Adventure by Munya Chinongoza  continued...

Their goal is to make sure that you go on the best hunting safari for the lowest price possible to you. And always try to make sure that you get the best value for your money. When it comes to the plains game hunting safari’s, they are normally done in two different regions in South Africa which are Limpopo and Northern Kalahari. Their dangerous game hunting safaris on the other hand are done from the valley of Zambezi in the north to a river in the south called Molopo.

However many veterans are getting tired of the same safaris so they are offering many new adventures such as new African plains opportunities available in Mozambique and Namibia. Now they have rifle hunting and also now hunting game plains areas. In those areas you can hunt leopards and Cape buffalo. They have specialized areas for the Kabra safaris for the black powder hunters and the bow hunters.

Those hunting areas are not hunted in often so that when they do hunt they have the best opportunities available to then. They also have rifle hunting opportunities available there. So whether you are going for a high quality plains game hunting safari or you want to try your hand in a dangerous game hunting safari, they can help you custom design your safari and accommodate you in either a tent, a thatched roof lodge, or even one of their five star wilderness resorts.

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